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Cigar Colors

he color of a cigar's wrapper is generally the key to its flavor. The darker the wrapper, the more full-bodied and sweeter a cigar is likely to be, although the true determinant is the color of the filler.
A few important variables affect the final flavor and quality of wrapper: their location on the planet; when they are harvested; and how they are fermented or dried. The longer a leaf stays on the plant and the more sunlight it receives, the darker it will be.
Cigar wrappers can be classified into six basic colors, although there are dozens of possible shades. The basic colors of wrappers range from Claro (pale brown) to Oscuro (black).

Double Claro (also called Claro Claro, Jade, or candela) - greenish brown. The color is achieved by picking the leaf before it reaches maturity and then drying it rapidly. Very mild, almost bland, with very little oil.

- pale brown, like milky coffee. The classic mild cigar color. The color is also called " natural ", as is colorado claro.

Colorado Claro
- mild-brown, tawny.

- reddish dark brown, aromatic. This color is associated with well-matured cigars.

Colorado Maduro
- dark brown, medium strength, rather more aromatic than maduro. Usually gives a rich flavor.

- more or less black. Very strong with little bouquet. Wrappers of this color though one popular, are rarely produced today.

note: this color is approximations

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